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Is There A God?

To not believe in God is to believe in a (scientifically speaking) very improbable set of circumstances.

That is, that the universe came about when a random explosion occurred 14 billion years ago and all the pieces eventually fell into place and hello, here we all are.

Statistically, the odds are probably 10 to the infinite power that a random explosion would cause all the pieces to fall into place so perfectly - all on its own without plan or purpose - as to produce so much beauty and order.

Flowers, sunsets, strawberries, all the various fruits, vegetables, the sun, the human brain, beautiful women, beautiful breasts (the bible has a few things to say about breasts and their beauty).

And human life came about apparently because during the random explosion, a piece of cosmic dirt intersected with a droplet of water. And like a sperm cell fertilizing an egg, it gave birth to all life. First came the amoeba cell, which evolved into a cockroach, then a snake, then us humans.

If you believe in big-explosion-all-pieces-fell-randomly-into-place-and-hello-here-we-are theory, then I have some swamp land in Florida I would like to sell you because you'll buy anything.

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